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Law Amendments

After Public Bills have received second reading in the House, the Standing Committee on Law Amendments gives them clause-by-clause consideration and hears representations from any interested persons or organizations.

The Legislative Counsel's Office provides counsel for this committee and organizes the meeting times and agenda. People wanting to make representations to this committee should advise the Legislative Counsel's Office by calling 902-424-8941.

Note: Print and electronic submissions to the Law Amendments Committee are public documents and are posted on our site. The Nova Scotia House of Assembly cannot be held responsible for redacting all personal information from these submissions.

This committee’s meetings are broadcast live by Legislative Television and are available on line at Legislative TV and on Eastlink Cable channel 95 and channel 630 in HD. Closed captioning is available on Eastlink Cable channel 95 and 630 and YouTube Channel: Nova Scotia Legislature.

Please access our CART services at:

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, October 25, 2021

5:00 pm - Meetings will continue for as long as the chair determines

Red Chamber, Province House
At that meeting, the following bills will be considered:
Bill No. 24 – Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act (amended) (with representation)
Bill No. 27 – Collection and Debt Management Agencies Act (amended)(no representation)
Bill No. 30 – Residential Tenancies Act (amended) (with representation)
Bill No. 32 – Municipal Government Act (amended) & Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (amended)(no representation)
Bill No. 37 – Fair Registration Practices Act (amended) (no representation)

Committee Members

Contact Information

Office of the Legislative Counsel
CIBC Building
802-1809 Barrington Street
PO Box 1116
Halifax NS B3J 2X1
Phone Number:
Fax Number: