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Hansard Reporting Services

Hansard Reporting Services is the official publisher of the Debates and Proceedings of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, informally known as Hansard. Find out more about the history of the service on the Hansard history page.


Hansard prepares complete and accurate transcripts of the debates and proceedings of the House of Assembly and its committees. Debates are transcribed from recordings made by Legislative Television.

The transcription and editing of daily House proceedings usually takes place in the evening or overnight so that events from each sitting day are available the next morning. When the House sits long hours or overnight, Hansard for that day may be delayed.

Proceedings of standing committees, the Committee of the Whole on Supply and the Subcommittee on Supply are prepared when the House is sitting and when committees meet in between sittings.

A print record of debates is required by the Rules and Forms of Procedures of the House of Assembly.

Where to read Hansard

The full text of debates of the House of Assembly and its committees are available in the Legislative Business section. Print copies are also available at the Legislative Library.

The Manager of Hansard and Editor of Debates is Mike Chandler.



Hansard Reporting Services
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