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Security of Province House and its grounds is managed by the Sergeant-at-Arms under the direction of the Speaker of the House of Assembly. In addition to the Sergeant-at-Arms, security services are provided by Commissionaires Nova Scotia and supported by the Halifax Regional Police.

The security and safety of our visitors is important to us. As such, all Province House visitors are required to pass a security screening. If you have any questions, or require assistance, please ask a commissionaire.

What you can expect

Upon entering Province House, you will be greeted by the duty commissionaires, who will ask you to:

  1. State your purpose in visiting, to ensure the correct pass is issued;
  2. Provide valid photo identification, which will be scanned;
  3. Check your bags, which will be scanned;
  4. Pass through a metal detector.

Passes are issued to visitors based on their purpose in visiting the building. They are issued separately for the public galleries, second floor and committee proceedings. Passes must be worn and visible at all times. If you have a gallery pass, the commissionaire will let you know when the galleries are open to the public.

Bags left with security will be stored securely with an identification tag. Keep your tag as you will need it pick up your bag.

Law Amendments Committee presenters

Presenters at Law Amendments Committee meetings will receive a presenter pass. Observers will receive an observer pass. After presenting, if you wish to remain and observe proceedings, you will need to return to the security desk and exchange your presenter pass for an observer pass.

Limits to access

Sometimes it is necessary for security to limit access to the building or parts of the building. Areas of the building have assigned capacity numbers, as determined by the Fire Marshal. Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

During special events and ceremonies, such as the Speech from the Throne, access to the galleries is limited to invitees.

Gallery rules

The Speaker welcomes you to observe proceedings and asks that you note the following rules while visiting the public galleries or Red Chamber:

  1. You may not indicate approval or disapproval of anything that takes place during proceedings. This includes applause, cheering, whistling and any other audible expressions of approval or disapproval.
  2. You may not in any way record or photograph proceedings.
  3. You may not conduct any protest or use any sign, banner, flag, clothing, or prop to demonstrate in any way.
  4. You are to comply with all security measures in place, including direction from security personnel or Assembly staff.
  5. You may not use cell phones, eat, or drink.
  6. You may not wear hats or caps, other than those of religious or cultural significance, or as part of a peace or security officer or other service uniform.
  7. You must wear appropriate and respectful dress.

Any visitor who violates these rules will receive a reminder and may be asked to leave the building.