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Northern Yacht Club (amended)

BILL NO. 239

(as passed)

1st Session, 59th General Assembly
Nova Scotia
54 Elizabeth II, 2005

Private Bill

Northern Yacht Club


The Honourable Cecil P. Clarke
Cape Breton North

First Reading: October 18, 2005 (LINK TO BILL AS INTRODUCED)

Second Reading: October 24, 2005

Third Reading: November 3, 2005

Royal Assent: December 8, 2005

An Act to Amend Chapter 141
of the Acts of 1925,
An Act to Incorporate the Northern Yacht Club

Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 Section 2 of Chapter 141 of the Acts of 1925, An Act to Incorporate the Northern Yacht Club, is repealed and the following Section substituted:

2 The Club may purchase, own, take, hold, lease, rent and enjoy real and personal property in the community of North Sydney, or in any other place, to such extent as may be desirable for the purpose of the Club, and without limitation as to value, and may mortgage, sell, lease, rent, assign or otherwise dispose of that property.

2 Chapter 141 is further amended by adding immediately after Section 6 the following Section:

6A For greater certainty, the liability of a member of the Club is limited to the amount outstanding of any fees, dues, subscriptions or other accounts due by the member to the Club.


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