Vessel Subsidy Act




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An Act Respecting
Vessels in Receipt of Subsidies
from the Provincial Treasury

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Vessel Subsidy Act. R.S., c. 489, s. 1.

Fair rate by subsidized vessel required

2 The owner, manager or master of every vessel, in respect to which a subsidy is paid from the Consolidated Fund, shall carry passengers and goods at fair and reasonable rates and shall, whenever required by the Attorney General, submit to him the tariff of rates charged upon such vessel. R.S., c. 489, s. 2.

Unsatisfactory tariff or failure to submit tariff

3 If the tariff is not so submitted when required or if the tariff is not satisfactory to the Governor in Council, no subsidy shall be paid in respect to the vessel until a tariff satisfactory to the Governor in Council has been submitted to the Attorney General. R.S., c. 489, s. 3.

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