Judicial Disqualifications Removal Act




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An Act Respecting the Removal of
Judicial Disqualifications

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Judicial Disqualifications Removal Act. R.S., c. 241, s. 1.

No disqualification

2 A judge, justice of the peace, juror or other person empowered by law to exercise judicial functions shall not be incapable of acting in the discharge of any judicial duty, in any cause, matter or proceeding, by reason of his being or having been interested as one of several ratepayers, or as one of the inhabitants of any city, town or municipality or as one of any other class of persons, liable, in common with others, to contribute to, or be benefited by, any fund of a public nature which may be affected by the disposition or determination of such cause, matter or proceeding. R.S., c. 241, s. 2.

Invalid objection

3 No disqualification of the nature mentioned in Section 2 shall be held to be a valid objection to any decision, judgment or verdict given in any such cause, matter or proceeding. R.S., c. 241, s. 3.

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