Government Annuities Act




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An Act in Respect to
Government Annuities

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Government Annuities Act. R.S., c. 187, s. 1.

Annuity exempt from seizure

2 The property and interest of an annuitant or of any person interested or entitled in or to any contract for an annuity, or an annuity itself, under the Government Annuities Act (Canada), or in or to any money payable or paid under or by reason of any such contract or annuity, shall be exempt from seizure, levy or attachment by or under the process of any court, and shall not be affected by any trust, charge or lien. R.S., c. 187, s. 2.


3 Nothing in this Act contained is intended to conflict or be inconsistent with any enactment or provision of the Government Annuities Act (Canada). R.S., c. 187, s. 3.

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