Under the Canadian constitution, the power to enact laws for the Province of Nova Scotia is divided between the federal Parliament of Canada (the Queen, the Senate and the House of Commons) and the provincial Legislature of Nova Scotia (the Lieutenant Governor and the House of Assembly). The preparation and publication of bills and statutes of the House of Assembly are the responsibility of the Office of the Legislative Counsel. Official copies of the bills and statutes are available from Nova Scotia Government Store but, for statutes from 1993(2nd session) and subsequent sessions, see also below.

The law of Nova Scotia also includes the common law and some English or British statutes.

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Bills of House of Assembly introduced in 1998-99 and subsequent sittings (full text; status)

Statutes of Nova Scotia (full text; official versions; proclamations; table of public statutes; index of private and local acts)

Nova Scotia Regulations (full text)

Statutes and Regulations of Canada (full text)

Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982

Statute of Westminster, 1931 (Stats U.K. 22 George V, c. 4)

Constitutional timeline for Nova Scotia

Rules and Forms of Procedure of the House of Assembly

Debates and Proceedings (Hansard) of the House of Assembly (full text)

House of Assembly (legislative assembly)

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