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2016 (3rd Session of 62nd Assembly)
2014-16 (2nd Session of 62nd Assembly)
2013-14 (1st Session of 62nd Assembly)
2013 (5th Session of 61st Assembly)
2012 (4th Session of 61st Assembly)
2011 (3rd Session of 61st Assembly)
2010 (2nd Session of 61st Assembly)
2009 (1st Session of 61st Assembly)
2007-09 (2nd Session of 60th Assembly)
2006-07 (1st Session of 60th Assembly)
2006 (2nd Session of 59th Assembly)
2003-05 (1st Session of 59th Assembly)
2003 (3rd Session of 58th Assembly)
2001-02 (2nd Session of 58th Assembly)
1999-2000 (1st Session of 58th Assembly)
1998-99 (1st Session of 57th Assembly)

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