(as introduced)

3rd Session, 61st General Assembly
Nova Scotia
60 Elizabeth II, 2011

Private Member's Bill

Rural Nova Scotia Physicians Act

The Honourable Stephen McNeil

First Reading: April 19, 2011

Second Reading:

Third Reading:

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An Act An Act to Ensure a Supply of Physicians
in Rural Nova Scotia

Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the Rural Nova Scotia Physicians Act.

2 In this Act,

(a) "Committee" means the Committee established pursuant to this Act;

(b) "Medical School" means the Dalhousie University Medical School;

(c) "Program" means the Rural Integrated Clerkship Program under this Act.

3 The Minister of Health and Wellness shall establish a Committee composed of representatives of the Department of Health and Wellness, the Medical School and The Medical Society of Nova Scotia.

4 (1) Subject to Section 6, the Committee shall, before January 1, 2012, develop a Rural Integrated Clerkship Program.

(2) The Program is to consist of a curriculum clerkship option for medical students that enables medical students, upon application to the Medical School, to be placed in a rural community for approximately thirty-six weeks during their third year.

5 Subject to Section 6, the Medical School shall implement the Program beginning with the 2012-13 academic year.

6 The moneys required for the purpose of this Act must be paid out of moneys appropriated for that purpose by the Legislature.

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