Statutes at Large

1758 to 1835

The Statutes at Large cover the period from the establishment of the Legislature in 1758 to 1835 and were published in four volumes, namely, Volume 1 (1758-1804), Volume 2 (1805-1816), Volume 3 (1817-1826) and Volume 4 (1827-1835). Each volume brought together all the statutes for the period covered arranged by year and chapter. In the case of any statute that was repealed, expired or spent at the end of the period, only the title is included, with an explanation of its status.

The Statutes at Large are PDFs created from scans and thus are not machine searchable. Indexes are included for each volume.

Volume 1 (1758-1804)
Volume 2 (1805-1816)
Volume 3 (1817-1826)
Volume 4 (1827-1835)

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