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Hansard archive for the Veterans Affairs committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses Video Hansard
2020-Feb-18 Commissionaires Nova Scotia February 18, 2020 PDF
2019-Dec-17 Air Cadet League of Canada, Nova Scotia Provincial Committee
2019-Nov-19 Agenda-Setting Meeting
2019-Sep-17 Canadian Youth Remembrance Society PDF
2019-Jun-18 Halifax & Region Military Family Resource Centre
2019-May-21 Financial Operations and Corporate Services Branch, Health Care Programs and Service Delivery Branch PDF
2019-Feb-19 Paws Fur Thought - Overview PDF
2019-Jan-15 Organizational and Agenda Setting
2018-Jun-19 NS Health Authority & NS Department of Health and Wellness
2018-May-15 Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative
2018-Feb-20 Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada PDF
2018-Jan-23 Veterans' Memorial Medical Centre Society
2017-Dec-12 Royal Canadian Legion PDF
2017-Nov-21 Organizational / Agenda Setting Meeting
2017-Mar-21 Nova Scotia Health Authority
2017-Jan-17 Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research
2016-Sep-20 Dr. Maya Eichler and Dr. Deborah Norris
2016-Jul-5 Nova Scotia Health Authority PDF
2016-Mar-10 Canada Company
2016-Feb-11 Pictou County Military Heritage Museum
2015-Oct-22 Department of Health and Wellness Re: Veterans Affairs Canada Residential Care Policies
2015-Sep-10 Helmets to Hardhats Canada (H2H)
2015-Jun-11 Royal Canadian Legion Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command/Agenda Setting
2015-May-14 Veterans Emergency Transition Services (VETS) Canada PDF
2015-Mar-12 Committee Business
2015-Feb-12 The Halifax and Region Military Family Resource Centre
2015-Jan-8 Major Tim Dunne
2014-Dec-11 Commissionaires Nova Scotia
2014-Mar-24 Intergovernmental Affairs